About Us

100% New Zealand owned and operated, MSUGAR has been trading the finest quality cane sugars and other food commodities since 2009. 

With storage locations in Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Nelson and Christchurch, MSUGAR can deliver high quality, unrefined raw, refined and liquid sugars directly to your door anywhere in New Zealand.
From single serve sugar sticks to bulk size packaging, liquid and specialty grade sugars, MSUGAR has a solid, on-going, exclusive arrangements with Bundaberg Sugar Australia, guaranteeing your supply.
Bundaberg Sugar participates in the Queensland sugar industry, which is one of the most efficient and technically advanced sugar producers in the world.
Much of the raw sugar produced by the company mills is exported along with 80 percent of Queensland's annual production.
Each crushing season in Queensland around 1,200 mechanical cane harvesters cut approximately 33 million tonnes of cane from about 440,000 hectares. Cane is delivered either by cane railway or road to 23 sugar mills.


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