Invert Sugar Syrup

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Invert Sugar is a highly functional, supersaturated sugar solution made by processing high purity cane sugar to obtain a blend of glucose and fructose. Once inversion is complete, the syrup is then neutralized.

Invert Syrup has a wide range of applications and its ability to lower freezing point and increase moisture retention make it highly functional. It has a relative sweetness that is 15% greater than sucrose.
In beekeeping, the high proportion of fructose means that the product shows little tendency to granulate in the honeycomb, even at low temperatures. Thanks to its composition, Invert syrup is an ideal bee feed, especially for winter feeding.

Packed down into 15L, 20L, 200L, 500L and 1000L sizes and also offered in tankers up to 22,000L

•  Ready to use, no need to add water
•  High proportion of fructose and ideal consistency
•  Rapid deposition in the comb – late winter feeding possible
•  High solids content means optimum feed utilization
•  Microbiologically stable, long shelf life 

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