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Supplying quality, Australian Crystal sugars and Liquid sugars to the commercial and hobby beekeeping communities nationwide, APIFEED by MSUGAR has a reputation for excellent quality and service.

Whether you need Refined White, Unrefined Raw, Liquid Sugar or Invert Syrup to supplement feed requirements for your bees,

we can have it delivered wherever you need it. Our liquid sugars are available in 20L pails, 200L Drums, 500L and 1000L collapsible, weatherproof Intercon units and tanker loads up to 22,000L.
Also available for uplift direct from our tanks in Auckland and Tauranga.

Quality – As Apifeed products directly influence the health and productivity of our clients hives, we test and batch track all our products to assure clients of the quality.
           “With extremely high purity, Bee feeds from Apifeed are the perfect nutritional supplements for your bees.”
Convenience -  As they are ready to use and available in bulk and single hive sizes, these feeds offer maximum convenience for our clients . They can be fed directly to the bees without any additional preparation.
Reliability – Msugars' and now Apifeeds' experience in developing and producing sucrose-based bee feeds, and now protein-based pollen substitutes, you can rely on the consistently high quality of our products.
Service - As a team, we are committed to bringing added value to businesses by building strong partnerships and going the extra mile for our customers, both big and small.

"Hi Jay, Thanks for the same day delivery.
Your delivery guys are amazing! The sugar has been processed and is already in hives!"
 - Stu

"You guys are awesome" - Michael 

Get in touch to find out how we can help with feeding your bees.

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