Premium Liquid Sugar

Made from pure Non-GMO cane sugars, our premium, food grade liquid sugar comes at an industry standard 67 Brix, and subject to volumes, we can produce any Brix level required. We pride ourselves on very fast lead times and our state of the art production facility gives us the ability to produce the finest liquid and Invert syrups available.

Why use our Premium Liquid Sugar?

Our pre-dissolved sugar offers:



manufacturing efficiency

energy saving

streamlined production


Our Liquid Sugar and Invert Syrup range includes:

  • Tanker deliveries up to 22,000L

  • 1000L Weatherproof Intercon

  • 500L Weatherproof Intercon

  • 200L Food Grade Drum

  • 15L Jerry Can with tap

Call us on 09 573 1566 or send us an email for any enquiries.

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