Wholesale Sugar

MSUGAR can supply you and your business with high quality white, raw and specialty sugars with fast lead times, delivered directly to your door anywhere in New Zealand.

Our wholesale range includes:

  • Refined White Sugar in 2kg, 25kg and 1000kg bags  

  • Unrefined Raw Sugar in 2kg, 25kg and 1000kg bags​

  • ​Caster Sugar in 25kg and 1000kg bags

  • Soft Brown Sugar in 25kg bags

  • Icing Mixture and Pure Icing Sugar in 15kg bags

  • Single sugar serves in White and Raw

  • Refinery Molasses 14kg / 280kg / 1200kg 

Call us on 09 573 1566 or send us an email for any enquiries.

Wholesale Sugar - Icing Sugar on Cookies
Raw Sugar
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Caster Sugar
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White Refined Sugar
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